Ripple’s Case Result

Ripple’s Case Result

ripple case

What happened to Ripple’s case? The case, which everyone was waiting for an answer, started. All or nothing! Will the highly anticipated lawsuit by millions of XRP owners be concluded today? Or will it be reconsidered at a later date? Today is a turning point for XRP, which was started by the US-based company Ripple in 2012. While some believe that Ripple will win the case and catch a rising trend, others think it will rapidly lose value. Looking at the last few hours of rising, it seems that those who want to take risks and gain more are more. It was previously used by countries such as Malaysia and Thailand as a payment method. However, the lawsuit has caused many plans to be postponed. Let’s see what we will experience as a result of the Ripple (XRP Coin) lawsuit.

Case Result

The Ripple case, awaited by its millions of users and investors, has begun to appear. Ripple’s case result or XRP’s case result comes first among the most searched words for the last few hours. Either Ripple will show a historical rise or a historical drop. These are the expectations of today’s trial outcome. The rise in XRP Coin value in the last few hours shows that the number of people who want to make big gains by taking risks has increased. We will all see how the outcome of the case will have an impact.


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