What is the Link

What is the Link

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Chainlink (LINK) can be defined as a decentralized Blockchain project that aims to establish connections between infrastructures such as payment services or Blockchain networks. In this text; We will clarify concepts such as Chain LINK Google, LINK coin, LINK coin comment, LINK Coin 2020.

What is Chain LINK Coin

Developed by Sergey Nazarov and Steve Ellis, Chainlink is a decentralized network that aims to connect smart contracts with real-world data. In September 2017, an ICO was held that raised 32 million dollars (35% public token sale) with a total sale of 1 billion LINK tokens. Following the LINK ICO, 32 percent of LINK tokens were transferred to nodes to promote the ecosystem, and 30 percent remained in Chainlink for development.

What is Chainlink

Thanks to Chainlink, some of the basic problems encountered by smart contracts can be eliminated. Ethereum added a new value to the crypto money market in 2015 and introduced smart contracts to users. Thanks to these contracts, Blockchain has gone beyond just being a place where financial transactions are recorded. Thanks to smart contracts, a large number of uses for Blockchain technology have emerged. However, a smart contract could only manage the data on the blockchain where it is located.

What is Link Coin?

In other words, a technology with the potential to serve the whole world could not be used by many industries around the world. At this point, Chainlink comes to the rescue of users and ensures that data from off-chain application programs, data repositories and other similar sources are included in the process.

Chain LINK Which Country

Chainlink serves its users as a decentralized “oracle (expert)” network. If we need to explain this sentence a little more, we can describe Chainlink as a “representative” working between the real world and Blockchain. In other words, Chainlink takes the data from the world and integrates it into the Blockchain and enables this data to be used in smart contracts.


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