Wesleyan Bank

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The Wesleyan Bank was founded in 1842 in Birmingham. It offers special financial solutions to professional groups. Doctors, teachers, lawyers, professionals, etc. There are professional groups. It advises you to properly manage your accounts according to your profession. It also has services such as credit, mortgage, retirement and insurance.

Wesleyan Bank Online

It is one of the oldest British banks. In order to become a Wesleyan Bank customer, you apply from both the branch and the website. All banking services are now offered to customers through online banking. Wesleyan is one of the banks offering this service.

wesleyan banking online login

To become Wesleyan’s customer, visit the official website. These options will appear when you click the Login button. Then click the Register button in which field you want to be a customer. You complete the application form here.

You will receive assistance when you click the “Live Chat” button while using the Wesleyan Online Banking service. They answer all your questions.

Wesleyan Contact

Wesleyan Assurance Society
Colmore Circus
B4 6AR

Customer Services (General Enquiries)

Customer Relationship Centre: 0800 058 2965

Investment Products Servicing and Claims

Investment Servicing (investment enquiries): 0800 294 1508

Investment Claims (investment claims/withdrawal requests): 0800 316 7034



Retirement Team (pension withdrawal requests): 0800 975 0140

Pension New Business: 0800 975 0130

Pension Servicing (general pension enquiries): 0800 975 1053


Protection Product Servicing and Claims

Individual Protection (general personal protection enquiries): 0800 316 5049

Group Protection (general practice protection enquiries): 0800 294 4006

Protection Claims (to make a protection claim): 0800 975 0131