Stepwatch SWP Coin

Stepwatch is a Web3 walking fitness rewards app that allows users to exercise and earn money with their NFT; This concept is implemented on the basis of Move to Win (M2E).

StepWatch issues 2 separate Tokens to avoid conflicts between the reward system and the project financing system. Each token type has different tasks and functions.

SWP is the main icon of the project. It is considered a utility token with many applications in and out of StepWatch.

Registration code: SWP

Total Supply: 500,000,000

Based Blockchain: Polygon

What is Stepwatch?

The technological revolution in improving health and wellness. NFT rewards and SWP tokens are used to encourage users to exercise regularly on a daily basis.

StepWatch is a WEB3 fitness and health tracking mobile app with NFT Move to Earn and social networking elements. It is a place where you can get rewards by walking, running and doing sports. You need a free Watch to join the platform or you need to purchase an NFT watch first. Walking, running and physical training can then enable you to acquire Cryptocurrency and other NFTs on the Platform and the items you earn can be used for on-platform events or traded on the platform.

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