New record from BTC

There are events that turn the tide in crypto money. Bitcoin, which experienced a sudden loss in value in a few months, started to rise again. It is currently trading around $30,000. Do you think he will go back to his old days?

With the outbreak of the Ukraine-Russia war, BTC, which suddenly fell down, reached the level of $ 30,000 again. It is not known whether this will maintain its stability. However, it is obvious that investors who buy at the lowest level make high profits.

We regularly share Bitcoin Breaking news on our site. Like you, we follow closely. Sudden and rapid rises can always pose risks. It is possible to make a profit by making the right moves at the right time. This is true for all cryptocurrencies.

We do not provide Bitcoin Investment Advice. We are only informing. Therefore, it is in your hands to gain and lose from cryptocurrencies. We cannot direct it.

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