Ncash Coin

Ncash Coin

ncash nucleus vision

Nucleus Vision aims to create an Internet of Blockchain-based objects (IoT) network, ensure that this network works in harmony with identities and use the IoT network in all shopping places.

What is NCASH Coin?

Nucleus Vision was founded at Harvard University in 2014. The Nucleus network can operate through real-time sensor (ION) based on Blockchain technology to all shops and residences. Nucleus does not need RFID, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth to operate. ION sensors can recognize the user’s identity without any contact or physical confirmation such as facial recognition.

Nucleus’s Blockchain, called Orbit, has been developed to be compatible with almost all smartphones. Orbit user data is securely stored and stored decentralized. Thus, large companies are prevented from retaining the data of many customers. On the other hand, customers can earn loyalty awards and discounts thanks to the Nucleus system, one of the vendors with whom they shop constantly. At the same time, Nucleus Vision sends its own token, nCash, to users every time they shop or enter a store.

Where To Buy Ncash

Nucleus Vision had a successful ICO era and sold its nCash coins in a short time. The vast majority of nCash tokens are on the Binance exchange and can be obtained from there.


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