Evolution Finance

Evolution Finance

evolution finance evn coins

Evolution Finance is a self-funded project that will change the way users interact with DeFi locked liquidity and money markets. Evolution Finance is targeting DeFi lending of the top 50 ERC20 altcoins and ERC-wrapped native coins, with a fair token distribution model at launch. We believe a fair token distribution is key to building the community that a dominating DeFi platform needs. At launch 100% of EVN tokens will be made available through liquidity pools on Uniswap.

Evolution Finance is an initiative by a public network of partners, using EVN tokens to run the project and reward the participants. There is a fixed supply of EVN and therefore no infinite mint exploits, 100% of tokens unlocked at inception (which means fair price discovery), and fair distribution:

  • No incentives to stablecoin whales who have high farming power
  • No fundraise, no pre-mine, no free team tokens
  • Fees generated on lending/borrowing services and then redistributed to increase network value
  • No central control: all decisions made via multi-sig and and then community governance
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When planning your investments, consider whether you can make a profit or a loss. This condition also applies to Evolution Finance. Note that the so-called EVN Token is currently not listed on many exchanges. The above information has been obtained from Evolution Finance (EVN Coins) official website.


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