Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin donated Shib and Akita to fight Covid 19.

Amazing donation from Vitalij Buterin, co-founder of Etherium! He donated the Shiba coin and Akita coin to India, which have recently gained value rapidly and are listed on many crypto exchanges. This donation to India, which is going through difficult times due to Covid-19, is an indication that cryptos will be used to save lives.

Named as Meme-Coin, Shiba was recently listed on the world’s largest exchanges. His brother, Akita, may also be attracted to major stock markets in the near future. In particular, donating these two coins to India increased the value of both coins.

Why Shiba?

Shiba Coin started to be listed on the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges last week. Listed on many global exchanges such as Binance, Huobi,, OKEx, CoinEx, Crypto, and WazirX (India). It is unclear whether he is brother or enemy with Dogecoin. However, it is preferred by investors as it offers millions of purchasing power thanks to its affordable price. The dream of Shiba investors is to reach $ 0.1. In the crypto money exchange, these dreams have come true many times. Dogecoin, which emerged as a joke coin, is now around $ 0.55.

what is shiba coin buy and sell

Shiba’s producers sent half of this coin to Vitalik Buterin. The fact that Shiba, which is listed on the biggest exchanges, can be converted into money and rapidly gains value will show how big the aid to India is actually.

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