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What is Chiliz (CHZ) coin, how long has it been? The CHZ (Chiliz) coin continues to rise!
The question of what is Chiliz (CHZ) coin continues to be the subject of research by citizens who closely follow the crypto money market. At the beginning of the week, Chiliz (CHZ) coin, which attracted attention by seeing the highest level of all time, continues to rise. Making a name for itself with its partnerships with sports clubs, Chiliz (CHZ) coin is expected to sign new agreements in the coming days. So how much is Chiliz (CHZ) coin?

The question of what is CHZ (chiliz) coin continues to be the subject of research. Cryptocurrency followers on the CHZ (chiliz) coin, which broke the record of all time with the rise it caught yesterday, increased their research. CHZ (chiliz) coin, founded in Malta in 2018, is known for their partnerships with sports clubs. So what is CHZ (chiliz) coin, will it continue to rise?

How High Was Chiliz (CHZ) COIN?

Chiliz (CHZ) set a record on the first day of the new week. CHZ hit an all-time high to $ 0.1725. Chiliz was trading at $ 0.023 until 30 days ago. According to instant data, the price of 1 CHZ is traded as 3.70 TL. In terms of foreign currency, it finds buyers in stock exchanges as 0.49021 Dollars.

What is Chiliz Coin?

Chiliz is a currency option for blockchain-powered products and services aimed at mainstream consumers. We want to elevate daily experiences, fan engagement in entertainment, alternative payment solutions for traditional merchandise, and more. Chiliz offers blockchain-based tools for sports and entertainment organizations to help them engage with and monetize their audiences.

What is CHZ Coin?

Chiliz token is known as Ethereum-based ERC-20 token. Socios and Chiliz team sign partnerships with many leading sports clubs from around the world, enabling fans to have a say in their teams’ decisions thanks to the use of Chiliz Coin. Although Chiliz Coin has made its voice heard in our country with its partnership with Galatasaray, it is also known that it has signed much larger partnerships such as Juventus or Barcelona. The future of CHZ Coin, which was established in Malta in 2012, looks very bright when looking at these partnerships. Investors can choose their team’s goal marches, jersey colors, and so on, according to the amount of CHZ Coins they have. In addition, it is known that CHZ Coin investors have the privilege to participate in special events with their teams.


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