British Banks

British Banks

british banks in united kingdom UK

The United Kingdom, one of the greatest empires in history, is still one of the greatest powers in the world, although its regime has changed.  This power is reflected in the figures economically.  Historically, they have always been effective on the world economy.  It is possible to see this effect in the finance and banking sectors.

 The foundations of banking were laid in Italy.  The world’s first bank is a mecidi bank.  The British have improved on banking what they have learned from the Italians.  Since they are a global power, they have brought banking to an international dimension.  British Banks opened branches in many parts of the world.  The reason for this is to develop an economy.  Because banks and financial institutions allow the economy to develop and trade in the right way.

 Banking in the UK today

 Today, banking has reached a different dimension.  Banks no longer serve only public institutions and large industrialists.  Personal banking, which emerged in America after World War II, started to show its effect all over the world.  People who do not have a business started to receive banking services.  In the first place, they opened a bank account to protect their money from war, theft and natural disasters.  Loan opportunities were offered in order to meet the needs and invest in the following processes.

 As in the world, banking services are developing and changing in the UK.  Access to traditional banking services is easier.  Now you can do all your transactions through online banking and mobile applications without going to the branch.  In the future, there will be a transition to digital banking.

 Traditional banks and digital banks should be evaluated separately.  Traditional banks have ATMs and branches.  Digital banks do not have branches and ATMs. Below is a list of all banks in the UK.

 List of Traditional Banks in the UK

 – RBS Bank (Royal Bank of Scotland


 – Lloyds

 – Bank of Scotland

 – Nationwide

 – Halifax

 – Santander

 – Standard

 – Barclays

 – Tesco Bank

 – The Co-Operative Bank

 – Clydesdale

 – Natwest

 If you are a customer of these banks, you can benefit from their branches and ATMs.  You can even make your transactions on the website, phone and applications.  These banks offer commercial banking services for both retail banking and businesses.

 List of Commercial Banks in the UK

 There are banks that only offer banking services for businesses and the public.  These banks serve only people with business relationships.  It provides economic support to businesses and public investments.

 1. Abbey National plc

 2. Abbey National Treasury Services plc

 3. ABC International Bank plc

 4. Access Bank UK Limited

 5. Ahli United Bank (UK) plc

 6.Airdrie Savings Bank

 7. Allied Bank

 8. Alpha Bank

 9. AMC Bank Ltd

 10. Anglo-Romanian Bank Ltd

 11. ANZ Bank (Europe) Ltd

 12. Banc of America Securities Ltd

 13.Bank Leumi (UK) plc

 14. Bank Mandiri (Europe) Ltd

 15. Bank of Beirut (UK) Ltd

 16. Bank of China (UK) Limited

 17. Bank of London and The Middle East plc

 18. Bank of New York Mellon (International) Limited

 19. Bank of Philippine Islands (Europe), PLC

 20. Bank of Scotland plc

 21. Bank Saderat plc

 22. Bank Sepah International plc

 23. Barclays Bank plc

 24. Bradford & Bingley plc

 25.British Arab Commercial Bank Ltd

 26. Broadcastle Bank ltd

 27. Brown Shipley & Co.  Ltd

 28. Butterfield Bank (UK) Ltd

 29.C Hoare & Co Investec Bank (UK) Ltd

 30.CAF Bank Ltd

 31.Capital One Bank (Europe) plc

 32.Cat Allen Ltd

 33.Charity Bank Ltd

 34.Church House Trust plc

 35.CIBC World Markets plc

 36.Citi Financial Europe plc

 37.Citibank International plc

 38. Close Brothers Ltd

 39.Clydesdale Bank plc

 40.Consolidated Credits Bank Ltd

 41. Conversbank (UK) Limited

 42.Co-operative Bank plc, The

 43. Coutts & Co

 44. Credit Suisse International

 45.Crown Agents Bank Ltd

 46.DB UK Bank Limited

 47.Dressdner Kleinwort Limited

 48.Dunbar Bank plc

 49. EFG Private Bank Ltd

 50. Egg Bank plc

 51. Europe Arab Bank Plc

 52. European Finance House Ltd

 53. European Islamic Investment Bank Plc

 54. FBN Bank (UK) Ltd

 55. FCE Bank plc

 56. FIBI Bank (UK) plc

 57. First Trust Bank

 58. Gatehouse Bank plc

 59. GE Capital Bank Ltd

 60. Ghana International Bank plc

 61. Goldman Sachs International Bank

 62. Gulf International Bank (UK) Ltd

 63. Habib Allied International Bank plc

 64. Harrods Bank Ltd

 65. Havin Bank Ltd

 66. HBOS Bank

 67.Heritable Bank Ltd

 68.HFC Bank plc

 69.HsBC Bank plc

 70. ICBC

 71. ICICI Bank

 72. Intercontinental Bank (UK) plc

 73. Islamic Bank of Britain plc

 74. Ivobank Limited

 75. J P Morgan International Bank Ltd

 76. Jordan International Bank plc

 77. Julian Hodge Bank Ltd

 78. Kaupthing Singer & Friedlander Limited

 79. Kexim Bank (UK) Ltd

 80. Kingdom Bank Ltd

 81. Kleinwort Benson Private Bank

 82. Kookmin Bank International Ltd

 83.Liverpool Victoria Banking Services Ltd

 84.Lloyds TSB Bank plc

 85.London Scottish Bank plc

 86. Macquarie Bank International Limited

 87. MBNA Europe Bank Ltd

 88.MediCapital Bank plc

 89.Melli Bank plc

 90.Methodist Chapel Aid Ltd

 91.Mizuho International plc

 92. Morgan Stanley Bank International Ltd

 93. N M Rothschild & Sons Ltd

 94. National Bank of Egypt International Ltd

 95. National Bank of Kuwait (International) plc

 96. National Westminster Bank plc

 97. Nomura Bank International plc

 98. Northern Bank Ltd

 99. Northern Rock plc

 100. Northern Trust Global Services Limited

 101. Persia International Bank Ltd

 102. Philippine National Bank (Europe) plc

 103.R Raphael & Sons plc

 104. Rathbone Investment Management Ltd

 105. Reliance Bank Ltd

 106. Royal Bank of Canada Europe Ltd

 107. Royal Bank of Scotland plc, The

 108. Ruffler Bank plc

 109.Sainsbury’s Bank plc

 110. Schroder & Co Ltd

 111.Scotiabank Europe plc

 112.Scottish Widows Bank plc

 113.Secure Trust Bank plc

 114.SG Hambros Bank Limited

 115.Smith & Williamson Investment Management Ltd

 116.Sonali Bank (UK) Ltd

 117.Southsea Mortgage & Investment Co Ltd

 118.Standard Bank Plc

 119.Standard Chartered Bank

 120.Standard Life Bank Ltd

 121.State Street Bank Europe Ltd

 122.Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Europe Ltd

 123.TD Bank Europe Ltd

 124.The Hampshire Trust plc

 125.Turkish Bank (UK) Ltd

 126. UBS Bank

 127.Ulster Bank Ltd

 128.Union Bank UK plc

 129.United National Bank Ltd

 130.United Trust Bank Ltd

 131. Vanquis Bank Ltd

 132. VTB Bank Europe Plc

 133. Weatherbys Bank Ltd

 134.Wesleyan Bank Limited

 135. West Merchant Bank Ltd

 136. Westpac Europe Limited

 137. Whiteaway Laidlaw Bank Ltd

 138. Zenith Bank (UK) Limited

 Among these banks, there are also banks that offer personal banking services.  Banks offering commercial banking services allow the development of trade.  They contribute to international trade.  They create a more reliable market environment.

 List of Digital Banks in the UK

 Technology is developing rapidly.  Nothing is the same anymore.  This allowed the banking system to evolve and change.  Digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are traded in the market.  The number of cryptocurrencies started to increase day by day.  Even Facebook is preparing to extract its own money.

 In such a period, investments in digital banking increased.  Traditional banks have started to open or invest in new digital banks.  We have listed the digital banks operating in the UK for you.

 1. Anna

 2. Revolut


 4. Tide

 5. Monzo

 6. Coconut


 8. Cashplus


 10. Fair Everywhere

 11. CardOneMoney

 12. Monese


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