AMC Bank Ltd

AMC Bank Ltd

Agricultural Mortgage loans credit rate

Agricultural Mortgage Corporation was founded after the shortage of food supplies after the First World War. It was founded in the UK in 1928 to improve the food industry by supporting agriculture and farming. They have made great contributions to the growth of agriculture and farming in the country. He achieved this by providing long-term financial support.

Agricultural Mortgage Corporation

Agricultural Mortgage Corporation was first operating through the Bank of England. Over time, the number of banks contacting this institution increased. This paved the way for supporting agriculture. In 1993, all shares were transferred to Lloyds Bank as AMC Bank Ltd of the institution. It now operates as a company of the Lloyds Bank Group.

How to get a loan from AMC?

You can apply online for a loan from AMC. For this, you are asked to fill out a form. After filling out the form, share your contact information. They will call you and present their offers.

When filling out the form, you should indicate how much credit you want, the cost of the land you show as a mortgage and how many years you request maturity. Make sure you enter this information correctly.

AMC Online

Visit the official website of Agricultural Mortgage Corporation and click the Agent Log On button. The login page will open. Enter your e-mail address, company name and password to log into your account. Thus, you will reach your AMC Bank account. You can also track your payments from this site.

Agricultural Mortgage Corporation Contact

Want to contact Agricultural Mortgage Corporation? AMC Bank Ltd has regional representatives and staff working there. You can reach these people by phone or mail.

Contacting their new business team on 01264 334747

The Agricultural Mortgage Corporation plc, registered in England & Wales, no. 234742. Registered office: Charlton Place, Charlton Road, Andover, Hampshire SP10 1RE. Telephone: 01264 334344.


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