What is Personal Banking

People’s needs are infinitely many.  Their wishes and needs may vary in every period of their lives.  They may need economic support to meet all these demands.  The fact that this support was given by banks resulted in the birth of the personal banking system.  

The foundations of the individual banking system were laid in America after the Second World War.  Until then, banks had provided economic opportunities to companies and states.  After the war, the public needed economic support, paving the way for banks to provide individual services.  In this way, both people secured their money and banks increased their deposits.  

What are Personal Banking Services?  

The services offered by the retail banking department are opening accounts and making money transfers, loans, credit cards, mortgages, pensions and insurance.

To benefit from personal banking service, you must be a customer of financial institutions and banks.  This may vary depending on the service you receive.  You do not need to be a customer of a financial institution other than a bank to take out a loan.  However, if you want to be a customer of a company for insurance or retirement, it will direct you to the contracted bank.  Banks may also ask you for this.  They can direct you to the insurance company they have contracted with.

Getting Loan

Sometimes you may need economical support to meet your needs.  At that moment, banks can come to your rescue and offer credit opportunities.  

Loan refers to the money received in the specified amount with the determined interest rate And in the specified period.  Loan conditions may vary from bank to bank.  Interest rates, maturity and payment schedule are these differences.  Before applying for a loan, you should read the article “How to get a loan“.

Payment instruments

Banks give their customers cards that they can use instead of money.  These cards are called debit or credit cards.  You can spend as much as the amount of money in your deposit account with your bank card.  Although some banks run out of money in your account, they may spend some small advance amounts on you.  Credit cards allow you to spend without being tied to the money in your deposit account.  credit card limits are determined according to your income and economic performance.  It offers the opportunity to install your credit card purchases.  It is paid monthly.

You can make transactions from ATMs and POS devices with debit and credit cards.  The transactions you could do with these cards were deposits, withdrawals and shopping.  You can take advantage of online banking services.  If you have these cards, you can benefit from online banking services.  You can make your payments safely.

Investment and deposit management

Investing is almost everyone’s dream.  You earn interest by depositing money in your bank account.  Banks set a specific maturity for this.  If you do not withdraw your money during this term, you can earn a profit.

Banks are reliable institutions.  For this reason, you can evaluate your money on the stock exchange through banks.  You can buy or sell shares.  You will also gain from these transactions.

Saving and keeping money

You deposit money into the bank account you will open.  In this way, savings can be made and money is protected against theft. You manage your accounts securely.

Payment transactions

Previously, we would go to the branch to pay electricity, natural gas, telephone and water bills and wait for our turn to come. Now we can pay bills whenever we want. We can pay all invoices both by going to the bank branch and through online banking. We can even ensure that all our bills are paid by giving an automatic payment order.

Insurance, retirement and derivative options

These products, which are developed with the desire of every person to guarantee their future life, can appeal to groups of all ages.  Pension systems are one example of these.  On the other hand, they have also developed systems that prevent the troubles we will experience in the loss of all valuable things we have.  Our health comes first, and health insurance, earthquake insurance, housing insurance has appeared before us.

Online Personal Banking

With the development of technology, it was very easy to perform personal banking transactions.  We can now perform almost all banking services through online banking service.  All banks that provide personal banking services enable us to make transactions easier thanks to the application and / or website.

Thanks to the online personal banking service, customers can perform their transactions 24/7, whenever they want.

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