Evaluations of the principles of AI are underway in the UK

The UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has proposed a set of market regulatory principles, stating that artificial intelligence (AI) systems may pose various risks to the protection of competition and consumer rights.
In the statement made by the UK Competition and Markets Authority, it was stated that new generation artificial intelligence systems can benefit the public and businesses, but the dominance of established players producing this system and incorrect actions regarding consumer protection law may pose a number of potential threats.

The statement also warned that problems may arise in many areas such as personal property and copyrights, online security and data protection in artificial intelligence systems in the future. In the statement of the British audit institution, it was noted that the principles recommended for those who develop artificial intelligence systems to be subject to include accountability, freedom of access, diversity in business models, providing sufficient options for businesses, and flexible use according to need.

In the statement, it was noted that the recommendations included that developers of artificial intelligence systems should operate fairly in accordance with competition principles and be transparent towards users. Last month, in the statement made by the Prime Ministry of the United Kingdom, it was announced that the “Artificial Intelligence Security Summit” would be held on November 1-2 in Bletchley Park, which is considered the place where the codes of Nazi Germany were solved and computer science was established.

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