Coinbase lists Shiba, Chz and Keep

Coinbase lists Shiba, Chz and Keep

Coinbase, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, is expanding its crypto portfolio. In order to offer new opportunities to investors, it includes cryptocurrencies, which it defines as reliable, on the stock market.

what is shiba coin buy and sell

The number of investors of Shib, which is shown among the most popular and profitable coins of recent times, is increasing day by day. It had a rapid rise after being listed on the world’s largest crypto exchange Binance. However, he was also affected by the declines in the markets. After Coinbase’s listing decision, it started to rise again. It is expected to return to its old days soon.

Meme coins have grown in numbers lately. Shiba Inu Coin (Shib), which was released as a meme coin, shows that it will not remain a meme thanks to the ShibaSwap project.

chz chiliz last price

Another coin to be listed by Coinbase is Chiliz (CHZ). It was close to the $1.00 level until recently. However, after the developments in the markets, there was a decrease. After the Coinbase decision, there were positive developments in the value of Chz. Chiliz has an infrastructure that is especially preferred by sports clubs. The coins of many clubs are offered for sale using the infrastructure of Chiliz. It has a very effective structure.


The other product to be listed by Coinbase is KEEP. We will share detailed information about Keep Network with Ethereum infrastructure in our next article.


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