Month: April 2021

all crypto coins in the world

All Crypto Currencies Price

The prices of cryptocurrencies are constantly changing. The most important factor determining prices is the balance between supply and demand. If a product is in high demand, its price rises. Of course, it is necessary to consider the amount of supply here. For example, oxygen is what we all need. However, it is unlimited and…
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what is moviebloc mbl

MBL MovieBloc

In this article, we will give you the answer to the question of What is MovieBloc (MBL) Coin and provide information about the project. What is MovieBloc (MBL) Coin? MovieBloc is a decentralized movie and content distribution platform. It aims to create a transparent revenue sharing, audience data and equal browsing opportunity for content creators.…
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dent token target price

Dent Coin

In this article, we will give you the answer to the question of What is Dent Coin and focus on the project. What is DENT? Dent (DENT) is a unique blockchain-based project that offers a new take on the old paradigm of the telecom company (telecom). DENT is an Ethereum based ERC-20 token. 100 billion…
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holo coin price

Hot Holo Coin

HOLO, which recently declined rapidly and returned to its position at the same beginning of April, worried its investors. It has been on the decline for the last 1 week. What is HOLO (HOT) Coin? Holochain is called data integrity protocol for applications that use Distributed Hash Table (DHT) that gives each participant its own…
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xrp ripple price result case logo

Ripple XRP

Ripple is a payment network system (RippleNet) and cryptocurrency value (XRP) that emerged in 2012. Unlike many other cryptocurrencies, Ripple is a centralized cryptocurrency. Although they are traded on the blockchain system, all the traded ledgers are managed by the company. With Ripple, the goal is to transfer large amounts of assets and money quickly,…
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ncash nucleus vision

Ncash Coin

Nucleus Vision aims to create an Internet of Blockchain-based objects (IoT) network, ensure that this network works in harmony with identities and use the IoT network in all shopping places. What is NCASH Coin? Nucleus Vision was founded at Harvard University in 2014. The Nucleus network can operate through real-time sensor (ION) based on Blockchain…
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buy win k coin mining

WINk Coin

In this article, we will present information about WIN Coin, which is included in the TRON network games as a reward token. We will look for answers to the questions of how to buy WIN Coin, which can be preferred to earn passive coin earnings, what are its advantages and disadvantages, what awaits it in…
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