Month: December 2020

turkish bank in uk - turkish banks in united kingdom

Turkish Bank

Turkish Bank was established in Cyprus in 1982. It opened its first branch in Istanbul. Then, Izmir, Mersin and Ankara opening branches has increased its number of branches in Turkey. Turkish Bank offers corporate, commercial and personal banking services. It also provides fund management services for investments and projects. Cyprus Turkish Bank has branches in…
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digital banks in uk

Digital Banks in UK

Developing technology started to have an effect on banking. Digital banks have started to be established in the UK as well as all over the world. It had already started to invest in this area in traditional banks. It directed its customers to websites and applications rather than branches and ATMs. The purpose of this…
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british banks in united kingdom UK

British Banks

The United Kingdom, one of the greatest empires in history, is still one of the greatest powers in the world, although its regime has changed.  This power is reflected in the figures economically.  Historically, they have always been effective on the world economy.  It is possible to see this effect in the finance and banking sectors.  The foundations…
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lloyds bank near me - branchs and atms - finder

Near Me Lloyds Bank

Lloyds Bank has a well-developed branch network. If you are a customer of Lloyds, one of the largest banks in the UK, you can do your transactions online without going to the branch. However, in some cases, you may want to go to the branch or ATM. In this case, the first question that comes…
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arab banks in uk - arab banks in united kingdom - london- england- scotlant- wales- britain

Arab Banks in UK

The Middle East is a highly developed region. People living in this region work or study in many parts of the world. The British have investments in Arab countries. Arabs also have investments in the UK. Their commercial relations have been going on for centuries. The developed banking system is one of the factors that…
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how to open debit and credit cards

What is Personal Banking

People’s needs are infinitely many.  Their wishes and needs may vary in every period of their lives.  They may need economic support to meet all these demands.  The fact that this support was given by banks resulted in the birth of the personal banking system.   The foundations of the individual banking system were laid in America after the…
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what is offshore banking - offshore banks

What is Offshore Banking?

Offshore Banking refers to offshore banking, usually on small islands. In general, offshore banking, which is also said to be a tax haven (no tax), is described as a bank that is outside the regulations and laws, aiming to apply the funds created outside the country for those who have deposits. Offshore banking is also…
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world largest biggest banks in 2020 2021

The World’s Largest Banks in 2020

With the developing technology in the 2000s, banking has reached a different dimension. Now, instead of paper and metal coins, bitcoin and similar metals are now produced. For banking transactions, instead of going to the branch, it is done over the internet. Therefore, banking is no longer the same as before. We have listed the…
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which bank is oldest bank in th world

History of Banking

Banking history is curious by many people. It is a matter of curiosity when and by whom the first bank was established. We have prepared a short article about the world banking history for you. We hope we can answer all your questions. Historical Development of Banking Banking BC It is a system starting from…
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